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My name is Richard Reese and I've been a professional handicapper for over 20 years now and I can tell you some heart-breaking stories about losing and WHAT IF...

BUT-- I can also tell you things that will make you smile.

Things That Will Give YOU Hope

I've spent a good part of my life figuring out why horses win, when they do.

And it is this knowledge that I wish to share with you in my FREE 12-Part Handicapping 4 Profit ecourse below.

In my FREE e-course, You'll Learn:

  • How To Understand Turn Times and How That Points To Next Out Winners... 
  • Understanding Speed of the Speed and Why It Matters In Pace Match Ups... 
  • Look at (2) Super Sneaky Trainer Angles That Give You Easy To Spot Overlay Prices... 
  • What Factors Are Most Important When Backing a Maiden Starter? 
  • Horses are Flesh and Blood Creatures, What Physical Handicapping Can Teach You? 
  • Money Management- No Money, No Honey... 
  • Love to Play the Pick 6, but Find It Too Costly I'll Point You To a Free Piece of Software That Makes Playing the Pick 6, Worthwhile and Cheap! 
  • How To Bet the Superfecta Properly For Maximum Return On Investment... 
  • And Much, Much More! 

Why Share What I Know? 

The truth is my family is growing up and I don't have as much time to spend on horse racing.

Instead of being at the races all day, I'd rather be playing catch with the boys or spending time at the mall with my girls.

Of course, I still go a couple of times a week to the track, but my attentions have shifted to things like Little League and reasoning with my girls that Justin Beiber is NOT CUTE.

And since I know how difficult it is to win at horse racing, if you don't know what to pay attention to--

I created SantaAnitaRaceTrack.Org to give you real information about how a professional handicapper looks at handicapping the races, so you leave the track more times than not, as a WINNER!

The easiest way to begin your journey to becoming a better handicapper is to subscribe to my Handicapping 4 Profit e-course.

I'll be sharing things that have taken years of experience to acquire and some over a decade.

And you'll get it for free by just signing up below.

Please feel free to browse my article section (lots of good stuff).

Or Sign-Up NOW for my FREE Handicapping 4 Profit e-course...

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