I've bought other horse racing betting systems in the past, but still haven't found a handicapping system that works. Why should I trust you and your material?

I know what it's like to be lied to. You go to some website that was created by some marketer just trying to make as much money as they can, but the material was created by somebody who has no idea what it takes to win at the track.

I wrote "Handicapping Confidential" because I am a professional handicapper that wants to help a few struggling horse players know why a horse wins, when it wins. My reasons for doing this are included in the manual.

What exactly is "Handicapping Confidential?"

"Handicapping Confidential" is a horse racing manual I wrote, including numerous examples of how to win betting at the race track. This is an eBook, delivered right to your email box within minutes after ordering, and recently revised for today's player to take advantage of the latest know-how in handicapping .

My manual approaches handicapping from the perspective of how a trainer prepares a horse to win. I look at some of the traditional approaches to handicapping as well, but trainers have a lot hidden up their sleeves, and I reveal in my manual what repeating factors most handicappers fail to pay attention to.

In addition to your manual, what else do I need to buy?

All you need is the past performance information of a horse. The most popular past performance lines are created by Brisnet and Daily Racing Form. The information I use only costs me $1.00 per track.  

I include several additional resources you might like to purchase to increase your hit rate, but they are not required in order to learn from "Handicapping Confidential".  

I'm just a beginner, learning to handicap. Will I understand your book?

I've written the manual for handicappers of all levels. The concepts I detail relate to handicapping factors that repeat, time after time. You don't need to be at a certain level of handicapping to learn from my material.  

Will this method work on tracks, outside of the United States?

This book was written for North American tracks. I've never bet tracks in Europe, Japan or Australia, so I can't be positive my methods apply to foreign tracks. If these foreign tracks have past performances like those printed in the Daily Racing Form or Brisnet, I have to believe the concepts I relate can be applied universally, but I can't be sure without having bet those countries.  

Where Can I Get My Copy of Handicapping Confidential?

I have created a special link where you can watch a video and learn more about me and Handicapping Confidential. Just visit: http://horseracingwin.com/hc