Horse Racing Videos

February 4, 2011
Written by: Richard Reese

I remember when I first got started watching horse racing videos, back in the mid-90s. I would receive in the mail VHS copies of horses that had run for the past month at my local track.

It was so time consuming finding which horses matched the upcoming races that it almost made it not worth the trouble looking at the video.

Eventually, tracks started putting in machines that housed past racing video footage, but these machines were meant for spot checks of a race you wanted to bet on, not some in depth study of all the horses.

Now with the Internet it has made watching horse racing videos rather easy.

I bet mostly on the Southern California Horse Circuit, which includes: Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Del Mar, and Fairplex.
Past video footage for those tracks can be viewed at:

You register for a free account and you can watch horse racing video from both Northern and Southern California tracks, along with a host of other tracks.

Of course not every track is viewable, but if you bet on the west coast the website is an invaluable tool.

If you wager on other tracks around the country, and don't know where to watch past videos, then I would suggest you look to your local track website and see if they have a past video or race replay button.

You will find your local track website by clicking on the following link: Horse Racing Tracks

If that doesn't help, then visit yahoo or google and search for your local track name and past video.

So you might enter Keeneland past video or Aqueduct race replays and see what turns up.

If you are still stuck, then visit:

They will charge you to watch past racing videos, but their cost is well worth the price in order to find some lucrative plays at your track.