Santa Anita Race Track .Org, After Years  of "REJECTION" Has Finally Convinced One of The Greatest Handicappers of His Generation to Reveal Everything He Knows About Winning in Horse Racing Today!

 This New Breakthrough Handicappping Course Uncovers Every Trainer Trick and Jockey Cheat Previously Only Known to Race Track "Elite" 

I'm so sick of all the crap from TVG talking heads and so called "experts" on horse racing with promises and guarantees that are only fit to wipe your butt with and to flush down the toilet!

These gurus play on our desperation, wants, and on our hopes and dreams. Times are tough, right? They know we want to be a success. And they know we'll pay almost any price to be a winner at the track.

And while they get rich from us, laughing all the way to the bank, we're picking the thorns and dirt off of our backs from getting knocked down yet again.

How Many Defeats Do We Have In Us Before We Just Quit? says it's time for a change. It's time for you and me to fight back. It's time to let these VULTURES know that we will not be picked clean by them anymore!   

The TRUTH IS, we don't need these "expert handicappers" anymore. Yes, some are funny. Yes, they can tell some whoppers about how they almost hit the "BIG ONE".

They'll give us interviews and statistics that help us in no way, shape, or form.

And yet, they continue to take--steal--it doesn't matter what you call it, our money is gone--while we leave the track a beaten dog with our tail between our legs and another losing day.

As For Me, I'm Done With Them. And So Are You!

How To Consistently WIN At the Track--FINALLY!

You see, I've worked as a professional handicapper for over 12 years now. I've seen all the garbage and probably bought all of it.

In the past I was like you, searching for answers. The blind leading the blind of how to make it as a winning handicapper.

I was just about to quit, the towel having been thrown towards the bin, when I got this expensive looking envelope in the mail. I opened the letter and it was this invitation to attend a horse racing seminar for $1000 at some swanky, high-end beach resort. 




Of course I went! I wanted to win at the races. I wanted to believe the seminar would teach me what it said it would teach me, "How To Become A Winner At The Track."

And Did It?


I lost even more money and I've been pretty pissed about that for a long time now.

I was so angry and consumed with winning at the track I thought about horse racing morning, noon, and night.

This obsession kept me up till the wee hours most nights, where I poured over thousands and thousands of past performance lines from horses past and present.

This went on for a little over a year and though I saw some patterns I still had a hard time making sense of things.

                               And then it happened...

I caught my "big break" and met a man at Santa Anita Race Track who would change my fortune forever.

Little by little we became better and better friends, until the point where he trusted me with his horse racing secrets.

You see he was one of the guys on the inside that hung out with the heavy hitters of the racing world. He was regularly around "INSIDERS" that would drop $100,000 on a horse to win, when it was warranted. He learned the ins-and-outs of the racing game from these true professionals. 

And He Shared All Of His Secrets With ME!

For a while I've wanted to do something to help people like you. Good, hard-working and trusting people that love horse racing as much as I do.

            I've finally found a way to do it!!!

Sadly, my great friend and mentor passed away several years ago, so I don't feel guilty in revealing what he taught me.

In fact, I know he would have wanted me to share my knowledge, or what really is his knowledge with a few other die-hard race fans.

I have taken these "insider secrets" and combined them with some of my hard fought knowledge I have gained throughout the years and have created to share my horse racing manual entitled "Handicapping Confidential".

I am only going to sell 1,000 copies of this horse racing betting system because after all I still handicap for a living and I don't want my win prices to be too diluted from smart money.

But I do want to help you, so you don't waste the thousands upon thousands of dollars like I did on methods that guarantee failure.   

This incredible resource tells you, step by step, the missing handicapping principles that few, if any other winning handicappers are willing to reveal.

Order this complete horse betting system from the Santa Anita Race Track website and learn what it takes to come home a winner on a consistent basis.

Now look at what you are going to receive and think how all of this is going to literally make you one of the best handicappers at your track, if not in the world, with the new found knowledge you will gain:

  • Learn to quickly and easily figure which horses stand the best chance to cross the line first in any given race. 

  • Easily identify which horse has a "Superior" advantage over the field according to how much rest the trainer has given him.

  • Uncover how trainers lie about the true form of their horses and signal their horses are ready to run a big effort today like the $219.40 WIN BOMB I hit and others like it that I clearly outline in my manual. 

  • Start using a method that rewards you for correctly picking the Losing Horses in a race.

  • How about a simple, yet powerful method to cash in on the "RIGHT" maiden winners.

  • You'll also be introduced to a piece of software that creates economical Pick 6 tickets that in many cases will save you several hundreds of dollars in wagers, and creates multiple tickets that will allow you to be paid more than once on winning selections.




And You Will Also Get--

  • lifetime of email and phone mentoring from me. Even though everything is fully explained in the manual I realize you might still have handicapping questions and I make myself completely available to you.

Now we get to the guts of all this great information:

That is: I'm not giving my treats away.

The cost for "Handicapping Confidential" should be over $5000, considering it took me over 4 months to finish this darn thing and a lifetime of experience of what works and what doesn't to be a winning horse player. Throw in lifetime mentoring, WOW!

Even $2000 would be a bargain to save you years and years of frustration and anguish, with no promise of success.

This is information that you can't get anywhere else because let's face it-- 

How Many Successful Professional Handicappers Do You Know That Are Willing To Share All Of Their Secrets With You?

But Get This: Order the course today and you can have it for only $247 plus      S & H -- I think this manual is worth at least 10x that amount, but if you are not happy, for any reason whatsoever, it comes with a full money-back guarantee! Click the Handicapping Confidential image just below to order now.

Why Am I Selling So Low

Later I plan on selling this invaluable information for $597 and then for $997, but since I just released this course I need honest testimonials from super smart and super happy customers. 

Get My "Handicapping Confidential" Course Today!

Read and follow through with the numerous examples I give and I promise you that you will be a better handicapper, able to spot things in a race other punters can't see. And when, NOT IF-- you get that big score or cash on that super long shot, send me an email and let me put up your testimonial on this site. DEAL!!!  

1000 Copies IS All I Have To Sell And That Is The Truth--

To Your Handicapping Success,

Richard Reese

P.S.--Of course my handicapping course is guaranteed! If you don't feel it has made you a better handicapper or that it isn't worth the paper it is printed on, then return the entire manual to me within 30 days in excellent condition. Your money will be completely refunded. Sound Fair?  


P.P.S.--I am a professional horse handicapper, doing what I love. I got my big break. I want to give you yours! You'll never know what could be unless............................ just click below to order now.




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