Quirin Speed Points

"Measures Position To The First Call"

By: Richard Reese
If you have any sort of good horse racing software, then you have no doubt heard of Quirin Speed Points.

To put it simply, Quirin Speed Points, look at a horse's recent past performance history and gives it a numerical grade of how the horse usually runs to the 1st call of a race.

The numerical value ranges from 8 (shows early speed) to 0 (shows no speed at all).

The rating doesn't measure how fast the horse ran to the 1st call, just gives a positional ranking.

In sprints, this 1st call would be measured at 2 furlongs and with routes at 4 furlongs.

As a handicapper, this can give us a huge advantage because all we have to do is scan the Quirin Speed figures and at a glance we can probably see what sort of pace shape might develop based on the horses in the field.

Look closely at the favorite in the race and see if the pace numbers are poor or favorable. If poor, then you might have just found a race to bet on that could offer great value, with hardly a glance.

You would be surprised at the number of handicappers that use horse racing software, who don't even bother to look at these Quirin numbers. Let alone handicappers that don't even know what these figures represent.

Let's look a little closer at how to read these numbers:

8 points-

The horse has demonstrated a will to be on the lead or in 2nd/3rd position, always within 1 length of the lead at the 1st call of the race.

7 points-

The horse has demonstrated a will to be on the lead or in 2nd/3rd position, always within 2 lengths of the lead at the first call.

6, 5, 4 points-

The horse has demonstrated a will to maintain contact with the leaders, but will not be on the lead. If there are no other 7 or 8 horses in the field, then horses have shown ability to be up close to the lead, if not leading.

3, 2, 1 points-

The horse will usually be racing on the back end of the field.

0 points-

The horse will race in the back of the field or 0 points are also given to horses that have no data to create a Quirin number.

So take a look at your horse racing software and don't forget that pace makes the race (usually).